Stormglass provides consulting services across the strategic, management, product and IT domains to organisations in the payments, identity and Fintech sectors in the UK, EU and around the world.

In practical terms, this means we can help you in a variety of ways:

  • Workshops on a new or emerging technology or standards
  • Training and enabling your teams
  • Working with you to build new product or technology strategies and roadmaps
  • Reviewing existing product and technology portfolios and advising on possible ways ahead
  • Examining technology and product architectures and facilitating new roadmaps
  • Technology and product due diligence
  • Advising board members
  • Coaching and mentoring your leadership team

We advise a wide variety of companies from start-up to multinational. Current clients are drawn from the Private Equity, VC, KYC/AML, Identity, International Payments and UK domestic banking sectors.

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Nick’s Profile

A passionate, award-winning technology innovator, communicator, and leader of both people and strategy in the service of great customer experience. Comfortable on either side of the product/technology line, I work to develop compelling visions of the future, to build strategies to move towards those goals, and to build and run engaged, enthused, self-organised teams to develop and deliver products and services to customers.

Beginning my career in start-ups, I have led engineering and product teams through divestments and acquisitions, crossed the chasm from challenger organisation to incumbent world leader and consistently built process and capability on-shore, near-shore and off-shore with the aim of delivering agile technology and product organisations. In 2018, my team won Best Mobile Payment Initiative at the Cards and Payments Awards.

At the World Wide Web Consortium, I lead a global initiative to develop a common standard for making and taking payments over the open web, working with stakeholders like Google, Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, Alibaba, Visa and Mastercard.


Nick recently travelled to Las Vegas to present at Money 20/20. In the below videos he talks about a variety of payments related topics including; financial security and how technology can enhance security, open banking and the prospect of a ‘cashless’ society and real time payments.

We take appointments for appearances and would love to hear from you if you'd like to book Nick.

Expertise & Services

At Stormglass we’re interested in everything fintech. We love getting involved in product and technology discussions, but in the end your company delivers through people – helping you build capability in your teams is something we are passionate about.

Here are some of the areas we can help:


I mean, you’d expect us to say that. But if you need some rocket assist getting something off the ground, or an experienced observer to just take a fresh look at a business challenge, we can help – or if we can’t we’ll tell you! Most importantly, we’ll make sure that the needs of your customers and staff are part of the picture, not just technology and numbers.


This broad term gets thrown around a lot, but to us it means that combination of fast-moving organisations working with products and services that are principally enabled by new technology. Maybe you’re a fintech start-up and you want to know how to scale, or need some help maturing the business for the next funding round – or perhaps you’re a traditional player who wants to move faster. Either way, we can help.


Solving how people will express, assert and authenticate their identity while protecting their privacy is one of the biggest challenges in the digital and financial domains today (it might even be the biggest). We can help you work through this complex landscape of regulation and user experience.


You know where you want to go. You know where you are today. But getting from one to the other – that’s your strategy. We can work with you as you create, revise, refresh, and pivot your corporate, product and technology strategies.


We love payments. Push payments. Pull payments. Digital payments. Card payments. Credit transfers. Terminals, cards, QR, HCE. Invisible payments. Inclusivity and accessibility in payments. We love to talk about payments. Perhaps you are a merchant and you need some help with your payments strategy. Or maybe you’re a scheme trying to figure out how to stay ahead of the competition. Or maybe you’re a regulator and you want some help thinking about how to keep things fair for consumers and competitors. In every case, we’d love to work with you.

Technology Architecture

How to scale, how to simplify, even just answering the question “what do we currently have?”. We can help you form a pragmatic view of your technology architecture and help you make practical decisions about priorities and governance.

Standards Development

Interoperability is critical for payments and identity. We can help you navigate the world of international standards and industry bodies, so that your business is best placed to succeed.

Coaching, Mentoring & Training

We can work with you to develop training on new products or industry trends. We can help your leaders meet their full potential, and we can help you develop your next generation of talent, who will inevitably get better than all of us and help pay for our pensions.

If you'd like to engage with us regarding our services and expertise, please reach out.

What sets us apart

Here’s the honest answer. At Stormglass, we want to help. We think that having an external perspective can be really useful and valuable from time to time, and we know a lot about payments, identity and the fintech world. So we will be as honest and forthright with you as we can. We won’t give you the answer that you want to hear – we’ll give you the answer we think is right. We won’t steal your watch and tell you the time. If we can’t help or we feel we’re not adding value, we’ll tell you that too – and we expect the same in return.

Authenticity, honesty, challenging opinions and valuable outcomes for you and your customers – this is what we’re aiming for.

If you’d like to talk about the future of payments, we’d love to listen.

How we deliver

Let’s have a cup of tea and a chat. We’ll listen. We’ll suggest a plan and what it might cost. If you agree, we’ll go from there. We like real conversations, whiteboard drawings, workshops, and punchy conclusions in pithy narrative documents. We’re not a big fan of huge glossy PowerPoint decks.

If you’ve got a thorny problem in your technology or product strategy, we can help.

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